Our Brand

We specialize in combining cutting edge fashion with an affordable price tag. All our products are designed in-house by our super talented young team of designers, with our multi-tasking, millennial women customers in mind. we promise products that meet the highest international standards of quality and processes.
Since empowerment and expression lie at the core of our design philosophy, we have something for everyone! So, whether you like to keep one step ahead of trends or perfect your signature style, we’re sure we’ve got something you’ll love. We have two major product lines, covering the gamut of occasions and needs that every Indian woman has.

Why let a world that loves to police your wardrobe and your expression get the upper hand, anyway?

So the next time someone says ‘Oh, that dress is too bold’ ‘Are you sure you’re the right size for this?’ ‘Maybe you should pick a colour that suits you’ or ‘Act your age and wear something else’, go ahead and do exactly what you please. When it comes to great style and personal expression, there should never be any regrets.